Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 2: Noodle-Head Sew Along

Ok folks! It's day 2 for the sew along! Today we sewed the pockets, the back and side seams! The side seams are a french seam, here is a nice tutorial. It basically hides the raw edges of the seam which keeps it from fraying, but also looks very nice!

I pinned my pockets.....

......and I sewed them.

Then I folded them over and basted the sides. Really, I did a bad job of taking enough pictures. Sorry! Noodle-Head has some great pictures!

Here's my lovely back seam all nicely zig zagged, sewed to the notch leaving room for the zipper and also pressed open. I also basted 2 lines across the top of the skirt to gather tomorrow!

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