Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Presents!!!! Angel Jazzi's and Oreo's Gift Exchange

Jacque and Pippen got presents!!! I made them wait until Christmas to open them...can you believe that??!! They both loved everything! We love participating in Angel Jazzi's Christmas gift exchange. We're excited that Oreo will help his human carry on the tradition.  Thank you Oreo and Diana! 

Jacque LOVES all his presents, especially that rope toy with the two balls! He was nice enough to share his
treats with his sister Pippen too. He wore his handsome collar bandana too! Thank you Winston!!!!

Pippen was super happy with all her gifts too! She liked to sniff everything and she especially loved the
wrapping! I have the same wrapping paper! Thank you for the gift tags too! Pippen says I can use them
to tag all her gifts next year! Thank you Daisy!!! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Card Count.......


Well, we don't have an EXACT count but I'm sure you can see that the doggies are winning! They have 3 of the 4 pantry doors and we (the humans) have the upper right hand door. We must also confess that two of those are from one lovely friend. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yummy treats from

WOW! I am slacking....we got these over a month ago and I have completely spaced blogging about them! That's not because my dogs don't love them, though. They absolutely love them! They are Good Buddy Cheddar Cheese dog cookies. I love how they're called dog cookies! 

They are made in the USA and Jacque and Pippen love them! They're a great size since they're not too big that I feel like I need to split one for the two, but they are big enough that I can easily break one in half if I feel like it. They smell really yummy too! Any other doggie moms every tempted to just try a little nibble? No? Of course either..... 

Anyway! Back to the treats. was nice enough to send these for us to try and review and we love them!!  

So you can see the ingredients.

Really? You're gonna hold that open package
by my mouth and expect me not to try and get one??!!
Jacque wants that dog cookie so much he's a blur!!!

Sorry about my foot being
in the picture....

Pippen being good! Amazing!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mr Jacque

Love this guy! From the moment we got him he's been the sweetest thing ever! Here he is 4 years ago!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Toys from!!!

Oh! We are super excited! has started sending us toys! Not that Jacque and Pippen don't enjoy the treats, but it's fun to get to try out toys and other items! We haven't posted about last month's product, carpet cleaner, because we haven't really had to use it - I hope I don't jinx myself! We did use it once, so maybe I'll get around to posting about that.....

Back to this fabulous toy! Of course it was sent to us by and Jacque LOVES it! It's a Planet Dog orbee-tuff glow for good 3 inch ball. You can find it here

Jacque loves fetching and just knocking balls around to himself. It's pretty funny, actually! He paws at it and kicks it and then chases after it! If only he would entertain himself more! Pippen is not about fetch or really that interested in many toys. She likes to jump on Jacque when he is chasing after balls! What an annoying little sister, huh??!! 

Jacque is getting a bit older now....he was 10 in April. He can't quite see as well as he used to, so his favorite ball up until this point is one that is bright orange (and slightly smaller). I think he prefers the orange one over the blue or red one because he can see it better. This Planet Dog ball is bigger and also glows in the dark and seems very bright even inside and Jacque didn't seem to have any problem seeing it. Jacque also has had a history of destroying toys! I know, I know. What?! A Scottie that destroyed a toy?! This ball seems like it is great quality and it's sturdy and won't get torn apart easily. Jacque likes to try to bit apart the other balls he has (he can't, we got smart after a couple tennis balls!) but he didn't even really try with this one! It's also a bit bigger which I think will help with that too! 

Ok, check out some pictures of a very happy Mr Jacque and have a great day! 

It's for ME!!!!! Hurry up and just give it to ME!!!

Maybe I will just jump up and take it?? No, I'm way too good of a boy for that! 

Here's the tag! This ball is awesome!

All worn out from playing! 

Little Miss Pippen

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Go, Go USA!!

Jacque and Pippen (and me!) are all ready for this afternoon's 
World Cup match between the US and Portugal! If the US win they will 
advance out of their group to the knockout round! This would be 
awesome just because you want your team to do well, but 
also because their group is considered the "Group of Death" because 
of the quality of the teams. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Ooooh! We are a little late with our treats from!! But it doesn't mean we don't love them! We loved them from the very beginning! Look at those excited doggie faces below! I don't know about your dogs, but mine (especially Jacque) seem to think all the mail is for them! I think it stems from a few weeks during the holidays when they get several boxes of presents and treats from our super lovely doggie friends!!

This month we got delicious treats from Fromm! They are Lamb with Cranberry and they smell delicious! I swear, sometimes I am tempted to take a little bite of these treats based off their smell! Again, I am super impressed with the quality of products I am receiving from This is really important to me since I want to make sure my dogs are getting the most natural and healthy treats/food. 

Both Jacque and Pippen love these! They are a great size, maybe a little bigger than a quarter, for a little treat without being broken even for my little scotties. 

Jacque "Ooooh, see mom! That package WAS for me!!"
Pippen "Me too! You have to share!!"

Saturday, April 26, 2014! We love treats!

We got some awesome treats from again this month! We got Evo Wild Cravings biscuits. They are not as big as some treats, which is really nice for smaller dogs. I don't have to break them in half and I don't feel bad about giving them one and overfeeding them. The bag is huge!! The treats come in cute shapes (you can see all the shapes and the relative size in the picture below). We really love them!!

Come on, just give it to me!!!
See the cute shapes? And the perfect snack size!
Pippen tried to just stick her head right in the bag!
Jacque trying to figure out how to open the bag himself!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Dog Box!

Sooo....I've discovered those monthly subscription boxes and I'm pretty hooked.  Of course the first one I ended up buying was one for my doggies! I went with Happy Dog Box! Use this link to get 50% off your first box! The boxes come with healthy treats all made in the USA. You can read some reviews about this box here.  Boxes are customized for the weight of your dog and cost $25 a month with free shipping! Jacque and Pippen are loving it! Now, to wait for my stuff to come!! 

We're super excited!!
Hard to take a good photo with two dogs pushing you around!
This little card tells you all about what's included in each box.
This is a good amount of stuff! Normally would cost $25, but I paid $14! 
Pippen took this little toy right away!
Jacque is still munching away!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The sun is shining!!

We're having a beautiful, sunny day here! Jacque is taking full advantage, as I am, by spending some time in the sun outside.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mr. Chewy time again!

Yea! Mr. Chewy again very generously offered Jacque and Pippen the opportunity to test 
a treat new to them! They love treats and they love mail!!

After I wrestled the box far enough away from them to safely use scissors to open it we found inside an adorable box of treats! I love packaging! 

Seriously?? How awesome is that packaging? Love the color and the font and everything! I wish you could see it. Totally awesome. Anyway, back to the treats and the doggies!

These treats are chicken pot pie flavored treats by Good Dog. See that right at the 
bottom of the back picture? Made in Minnesota! Yes! I always look for treats 
and other dog products Made in the USA. We may not be perfect, but I trust our system much more than that of other countries (Canada being the exception).

The chicken pot pie treats are wheat and grain free and the most adorable little bone shapes! They seriously smell delicious, just like chicken pot pie! I did not eat one...but I took a nice long whiff!

YUM!! Order them from Mr. Chewy!! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Noodlehead Divided Basket Pattern

On a whim I've decided to blog a bit about a sewing project I finished today! It was super quick and fairly simple. I'm a pretty experienced sewer, so keep that in mind. I've been snowed in for the last couple days and finally really sitting down to actually make something!

The pattern is the Divided Basket Pattern by Noodlehead. This is maybe the 4th Noodlehead pattern I have? Anyway, I have many of them and I love them all! The instructions are always very well written and easy to follow. There are great pictures and she also has good information about construction on her blog. I think I've even emailed (probably through a comment on her blog) a question and gotten an answer back! Check it out below.....

The fabric is by Robert Kaufman and it's called Fly Away. I won it a few years ago from Southern Fabric. This project seemed like a great time to actually cut into this little 1/2 yard stack! For being such a good size this divided basket really didn't take up that much fabric. I cut out the pattern, fabric, interfacing, fusible fleece and assembled this little basket in about 2.5 hours (approx. I am measuring time as in 10 mins of This American Life podcast, the latest Men In Blazers podcast and about 30 mins of Pop Culture Happy Hour for the sewing part).

If you're in the market for a pattern like this I highly recommend this one! It'd be great for filling with awesome items as part of a gift or for keeping patterns in - which is what I am going to do!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Influenster: Celestial Tea #ArtofGreenTea Vox Box

I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a Vox Box from Influenster! I think this is the 3rd or 4th box I've received. Each box is filled with goodies to try and review. It's a lot of fun! If you are not a member go join Influenster now! 

I received a box with two types of tea. Sleepytime decaf green tea and Honey Lemon Ginseng tea. I also received a coupon for a free box! 

Each packet contains 2 tea bags. I am drinking the Honey Lemon Ginseng right now. It's really delicious! It has a very nice subtle taste and it's really soothing my recently sore throat. I like my tea pretty weak, so it would be nice if the tea bags had strings to make it a little easy to remove the bag and use for another cup later, but of course I could just use a spoon! Honestly, it hasn't gotten that strong.

I've had the sleepytime tea before, but it's been years. I'm looking forward to trying that later tonight!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mr Chewy Treat Time!!!

Hi! We got another chance to review some treats from! is a website that sells all sorts of yummy and good dog food and treats! You can have food auto shipped so you don't have to run out to the store to buy more food for you precious little furry kids or have to feed them 10 biscuits each for dinner! Ha! Not that I would know or had to do that today or anything.....

Back to the treats! This month we received some Fromm treats! 
You can find them on here.   

Yum mom! What are those?!
As you can see Pippen is very interested! These are the grain free chicken with carrots and peas flavor biscuits! YUUM! Let me tell you that they smell maybe I would even like to eat one!!

If only Pippen could fit her whole snout in there and just eat them all!!
Jacque and Pippen both LOVE these! They smell good, they are good for them and I am confident they are high quality which is really important to me. Another winner from!!!