Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 1: Noodle-Head Sew Along

It's the first day of this week long sew along! Today (well, technically I did this yesterday!) was the day to trace and cut out the pattern and fabric and put the interfacing on.

I bought my beautiful Bernina a few months ago and got serious about sewing again. The nice ladies over at Modern Domestic helped my learn more about proper machine care, but also introduced me to Swedish tracing paper! This stuff is awesome! You use it to trace your pattern so you don't have to cut your original and can make it again in a different size, or just keep it so it's worth more! You can also sew this paper, so you could sew yourself up a few pattern pieces to make sure they fit! I would recommend this stuff to anyone sewing with fact, I have!!

Here are my lovely pattern pieces all nicely pinned to my fabric and waiting to be cut out! Another great tip I have learned is that good quality scissors are a must!! They make a world of difference! I got a very nice pair of Gingher dressmaker shears at Jo-Ann when they had them on sale and I don't know what I did before!!

I love sewing and the process of creating something!

Of course, how can I post without a picture of my Jacque and Pippen! They are definitely the leaders!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished project.

    XXXOOo Daisy Kendra & Bella