Friday, October 2, 2015

Wellness treats courtesy of

Jacque and Pippen LOVE these treats! They eat Wellness food too! I am happy that I can feel good about what I am feeding them. provided these treats for my sweet doggies! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Puppy Treads!

I was (not so) recently contacted about trying a product called Puppy Treads, which are meant to help with slipping on smooth surfaces. I don't have a puppy, but this sounded great because I had been concerned lately about how much Jacque seems to slip on the vinyl flooring in our house. For some reason it's just him and not Pippen! So I jumped at the chance to test them out (I was given these for free, but these are my own opinions).

They sent a bunch! I really started thinking about where I was going to put them. What would be the most helpful areas. I decided that it would be good to start with transition from carpet to vinyl. I put one of the puppy treads on the vinyl right after the carpet ends like in the picture below.

I think they've been really helpful so far! I have a bunch more to use and think I will add one more right behind these ones to help a little more. They're really easy to use. Just peel the backing off and smooth onto a clean surface. The instructions that came with them were short and sweet! These would be really great for stairs. 

Here's some good info about Puppy Treads. You can try them too and save 10% with code BLOG2014. 

 WHY do I need Puppy Treads?
  • Protect your pet from falls that could cause injuries
  • Treads will also keep children and other family members safe on slippery hardwood stairs
  • Minimize scratch damage to your hardwood floors and stairs

WHAT are Puppy Treads?
  • Lightweight, attractive, cost-effective, install in minutes
  • Provide a safe, non-slip walking surface for you pet
  • Gentle on feet
  • Manufactured and distributed by the HandiRamp company, which has been making accessibility and safety products in the U.S. for over 50 years

WHERE can Puppy-Treads be used?
  • Interior hardwood stairs and floors
  • Tile flooring

Saturday, April 4, 2015 Treats!!!

Mmmm! Jacque and Pippen LOVED these Natural Balance Belly Bites! I thought they were going to maul me to get to them! Another big hit!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015!! Dino Toy! comes through again! Jacque LOVES this toy! I don't know if I'm mentioned this before, but he pretty much thinks every piece of mail is for him. Could be because of a particularly good Christmas a few years back, but who knows! He's like his mama and he loves himself some online ordering and getting mail! 

This Nylabone DuraChew dinosaur is awesome! It's super cute and also has some great dental benefits. Poor Pippen didn't even get a chance to pretend like she might get to play with it! 

just look at that happy doggie!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Man, I have been slacking on sharing our treats from!! We've had some yummy ones lately too!

The Cinna-Bone treats from Solid Gold were really yummy! They smell so good and, I don't think you can see, but there are actual bay leaves left in the bag! Jacque and Pippen really loved these. They were a nice size to break in half and share.

Those Nutro Crunchy treats are banana flavored!! Jacque LOVES bananas! Pretty funny. I discovered it about a year or so after we adopted him when I was reading through his papers again. I immediately thought...really? That seems weird! So I went to the kitchen, got a banana and sure enough he freaked out! Loves them! Pippen eats a little bit, but I think just because she doesn't want to let Jacque get something she doesn't! Anyway, back to the treats! They are really yummy and shaped like little hearts. Too small for a bedtime biscuit, but perfect as a little reward for being cute and adorable! These smell delicious too! Seriously. Sometimes I'm tempted to take a little nibble just to see.....