Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yummy treats from Chewy.com

WOW! I am slacking....we got these over a month ago and I have completely spaced blogging about them! That's not because my dogs don't love them, though. They absolutely love them! They are Good Buddy Cheddar Cheese dog cookies. I love how they're called dog cookies! 

They are made in the USA and Jacque and Pippen love them! They're a great size since they're not too big that I feel like I need to split one for the two, but they are big enough that I can easily break one in half if I feel like it. They smell really yummy too! Any other doggie moms every tempted to just try a little nibble? No? Of course not....me either..... 

Anyway! Back to the treats. Chewy.com was nice enough to send these for us to try and review and we love them!!  

So you can see the ingredients.

Really? You're gonna hold that open package
by my mouth and expect me not to try and get one??!!
Jacque wants that dog cookie so much he's a blur!!!

Sorry about my foot being
in the picture....

Pippen being good! Amazing!