Friday, November 4, 2011

Cupcake pincushion!

I just finished an adorable project I had to share, plus a picture of Pippen!

First! The adorable cupcake pincushion I just made! I found the tutorial here! Pretty darn easy and super cute!! 

I was shopping at Target tonight and found this little cow costume for Pippen for Halloween next year!! She was not too happy about trying it on, but look just how precious she is!!!! 


  1. Aww...she does look cute. I hope she doesnt start mooing......BOL Love the cupcake, very cute!!


  2. OMG, double Halloween costume torture in the same year! You do look pretty cute, Pippen!
    That cupcake looks good enough to eat!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. What a great costume. My daughter got Carrleigh a bat costume at Target for next year already.

    The cupcake looks scrumptious!! So cute for pins.

    The Rocky Creek Scotties and Ivy

  4. Aw, what a great costume! Hope it will go better next year! And that is a pretty awesome pincushion!

  5. That's the most cutest pin cushion I've come across! And the moo color matches Pippen's coat color very well too...MOO...!!


  6. Thanks to Abigail for pointing me to your blog...very cute costumes... love the cow, but the hotdog and banana splits are over the top cute!! Stop by and say "hi" to Jake and Albert sometime...

  7. Hi there! I saw your picture as the ninja turtles on Scottish terrier and dog news!!! I was wondering who those adorable little scotties were!! So nice to meet you, thanks for coming by to say hello to me! It was so awesome for Abigail and Pippi to introduce us! We're excited to be blogging and meeting all sorts of cool new people and doggies!!

  8. We are so happy to welcome you into our Blog World!!! You are so darn cute we can't wait to watch you grow!
    Hugs and wags,Mistaya and Maggie (and M.O.M.)
    PS...come visit when you can!!

  9. So adorable and useful :)


  10. A COW! Love that. Moo.

    Arooo, Stuart