Friday, January 6, 2012


I love to sew and knit and just craft in general. I have since I was little and my mom sent me to sewing classes at Daisy Kingdom and Josephine's Dry Goods in downtown Portland. I took lessons from a private teacher for years after with a friend and it's always been a fun hobby for me. I decided to try my hand at making some items to sell on Etsy! My shop will be called sewTootsie! I am still in the process of whipping up some items to put up, but I finished an item today - my first with my logo label! My husband's good friend Jon designed it for me!

Here's my finished zip pouch! It's a wonderful pattern by Keyka Lou! This one happens to be a gift for a friend of mine and it turned out wonderful! I really love this cherry blossom fabric.

The inside of the pouch has a zip pocket and an open pocket behind! See that cute little logo there?! Love it! I should have taken a closer picture! The Scottie has a cute little polka dotted bow and there is a needle with thread after the sew. My mom, to this day, calls me Tootsie. Who know why, she just does!

Jacque is just waiting to go and see all the cute items I'm going to make!!


  1. Welcome to Etsy! Excited to see what items you will have in your shop-- your sewing skills are amazing, I'm envious : )

  2. I agree, those were amazing and I really love the logo. If you can, please post another picture closer up so we can see the detail.

  3. What an incredible zip pouch and what a sweet logo! "sewTootsie" is also a great name :)

    Jacque: be sure to keep on wagging!