Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Jacque LOVES to chew! Loves, loves, loves it! Which is ok with me, because he doesn't chew on furniture or shoes or anything like that. Buuuuut, when he gets a toy he can chew on, he will do this with the intent to destroy! Again, this is ok with me except when he CAN destroy it and he ends up eating it. Oops. We spent about 10 days a few weeks ago waking up at ungodly hours of the early morning trying to comfort him as he puked up the bits. I worry about him, of course, because I don't want anything to get stuck in him and cause him to have surgery.

SO! What's your point, you say?! I am wondering what my other doggie friends and their humans do to help them do the chewing they want to do, without the potential harm. Do you have a favorite chew bone or toy that holds up to your strong little Scottie jaws?? I'd love to know all your secrets!! 


Oh, thanks from Jacque and his tummy too!


  1. I get rawhide chewy bones but only until they get to small then she takes them away but usually when I am not looking. She has started getting us both really hard meat bones from the dog store. We love those and we naw and naw to our little hearts content.

    Jazzi and Addy

  2. Unfortunately (for HER) we loved chewing cardboard, wood, books, shoes....etc. We have teeth marks in lots of furniture. BOL!

    Now we love rawhide if we don't have bones.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I get Nylabones and Kong toys and I love them! They are very hard to destroy, or so my Peeps say. I don't really tear apart my stuffies, but my Peeps only leave certain toys with me when I'm alone.


  4. It surprised so many people that Scotties have the jaw of a German Shepard! We have been there hun! We don't let Pippi have any plastic toys unless it is a Nylabone. She is just as happy to play with soft and furry toys that are designed for chewers.


  5. Thanks everyone! Jacque chewed and ate a nylabone within a few weeks of us adopting him! I think it was probably too small for him. He will tear about the softies, so poor Pippen can only play with all her cute little toys when Jacque is at the groomer.

    Maybe I will try a larger Nylabone and see what he thinks. He got a few little Kongs (I think they are Kongs) from the Christmas gift exchange that he loves and chews away on and he hasn't been able to destroy it yet!

  6. Oh, how I remember that sound in the middle of the night! I used to give them rawhide bones, until one became lodged in a throat...no more of those. Now it's
    nylabones with the nibs(they seem to like them better) or mid size kongs. They also chew & tug(love that ripping sound!) on the soft toys but, only when we're home.
    Sandy & Eddie,Mckeever,Lady,McNulty,Magan,Max,Lizzie,

  7. Oh poor Jacque! What misery. I'm sorry I don't have an answer, I just wanted to say hi.

  8. Have you tried bully sticks??? They are sometimes called pizzle sticks. They get chewed and unlike rawhide they get processed like protein so no blockages or puking. We also do frozen raw beef bones and such that we get at our local pet store and nylabones are of course a favorite.

  9. Do you ever give him hoof chews? It smells terrible, but Snippie and Snoekie love them.

  10. I will have to try the bully sticks! Pippen used to have the hooves and loved them
    They really do smell terrible! Might try it again though for him