Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brush, Brush, Brush!!

I love my blogger friends, they inspire me! After reading a post over on Douglas' blog about how good he is when his mom brushes his teeth, I decided it was really time to start trying to brush Jacque and Pippen's teeth. Unlike Douglas, they were not at all thrilled about this! I already had toothbrushes and some peanut butter flavored toothpaste. So I started out by putting a little bit on my finger and trying to see if either were at all interested. Being the spoiled little doggies that they are, they were not at all impressed by toothpaste that tastes like peanut butter when they can get the real thing!! Pippen wouldn't even come near it and Jacque sniffed a little. I decided this was going to take more than just easing the in, this was going to take the one thing that works....pure bribery! Each night before bed Jacque and Pippen get a little biscuit. So I made getting the biscuit a reward for a little toothbrushing. I started with just getting the toothbrush to touch their teeth and now, about a week later, I an actually get a fairly good brushing! Even on Pippen!! I'm pretty happy with myself and them! Of course, this takes both my hands so I don't have any picture to show you! So I will leave you with a picture of a purse I just finished and listed in my etsy store featuring some adorable Scottie Dog fabric!


  1. Aww...that purse is so cute, love it.

    I dont like teef brushing, mine are clean without it. The Dogter even says so!!


  2. Never realised ya Mom had a blog until now. She needs all the advice she can get with toothbrushing Miss Maisie's teeth. Vet says mine are good but maisie already got plaque building up.....