Monday, February 17, 2014

Mr. Chewy time again!

Yea! Mr. Chewy again very generously offered Jacque and Pippen the opportunity to test 
a treat new to them! They love treats and they love mail!!

After I wrestled the box far enough away from them to safely use scissors to open it we found inside an adorable box of treats! I love packaging! 

Seriously?? How awesome is that packaging? Love the color and the font and everything! I wish you could see it. Totally awesome. Anyway, back to the treats and the doggies!

These treats are chicken pot pie flavored treats by Good Dog. See that right at the 
bottom of the back picture? Made in Minnesota! Yes! I always look for treats 
and other dog products Made in the USA. We may not be perfect, but I trust our system much more than that of other countries (Canada being the exception).

The chicken pot pie treats are wheat and grain free and the most adorable little bone shapes! They seriously smell delicious, just like chicken pot pie! I did not eat one...but I took a nice long whiff!

YUM!! Order them from Mr. Chewy!! 

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