Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Ooooh! We are a little late with our treats from!! But it doesn't mean we don't love them! We loved them from the very beginning! Look at those excited doggie faces below! I don't know about your dogs, but mine (especially Jacque) seem to think all the mail is for them! I think it stems from a few weeks during the holidays when they get several boxes of presents and treats from our super lovely doggie friends!!

This month we got delicious treats from Fromm! They are Lamb with Cranberry and they smell delicious! I swear, sometimes I am tempted to take a little bite of these treats based off their smell! Again, I am super impressed with the quality of products I am receiving from This is really important to me since I want to make sure my dogs are getting the most natural and healthy treats/food. 

Both Jacque and Pippen love these! They are a great size, maybe a little bigger than a quarter, for a little treat without being broken even for my little scotties. 

Jacque "Ooooh, see mom! That package WAS for me!!"
Pippen "Me too! You have to share!!"

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