Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the Holiday Spirit

Wow! I am definitely feeling all holly jolly! My husband and I decided we would put up and decorate our tree tonight! We don't do a real tree and for the last several years we've had a nice little artificial tree we got from Target for $20. Last year I got brave and went to Target the day after Christmas stood in line and tried not to get trampled by crazy shoppers running through the store!! I got some great ornaments and decorations, but I also got a great deal on a tree 75% off! It's a 7.5 foot slim tree, which is great for our house since we have to move things around to make enough space for our tree! Here are some pictures of our adventure!  On a side note, Pippen put herself to bed during our decorating! At one point I went and got her and she spent a few minutes sniffing around before heading back to bed! What a silly girl!!

These are my favorite little snowfamily! I made them
long ago!!

1995!! Wow! I wish I could find cute little patterns like this
again! I would love some more!

I wrapped some gifts! Hopefully I remember what they are and
who they are for come Christmas day!!

Pippen wondering what the heck we are doing!! 

Pippen sniffing around, trying to figure out if this is edible.

Jacque, however, was very curious and kept us company and
mostly stayed out of the way!

Look how darn organized I was last year?! Honestly
I don't remember doing this!!

After "losing" all our ornaments one year (translation, putting
them in a box we didn't recognize) we got smart and bought a
red and green container! 

My husband, Anthony, putting our tree together! 

Our stockings! We did find the 4th one a little later in the
bin with the wrapping.
look at that adorable Scottie stocking!!                        
Look at this adorable Scottie nativity! I got it at the same place I got
my wedding toppers! thepinkkoala on etsy!!

Some of my great Scottie ornaments!

This guy is my favorite! Look at his fun and festive little plaid vest
and, of course, his martini!! We joke that this is Jacque!!

Pippen's ornament from her first Christmas! 
This happy little Santa always makes me smile (that sticker on there
is a nice warning that it's for decoration only, it's not a toy!)

I made some fun garland from scrapbook paper! I found a tutorial here.

Our finished tree!!

OH, this is the ornament that started it all. My mom had this ornament when I was growing
up and it was how I was introduced to the adorable little doggies called Scotties <3 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bath Time for Mr Jacque

We are having company over later today and I thought it was about time Jacque got a bath! He was not too thrilled, but he is always tolerant and good!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Scottie Shopping!!

Found an adorable Scottie tin filled with Walker's shortbread! I'm finding a lot of great Scottie stuff! Is anyone else finding fun stuff?!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a Great Birthday!

WOW! I had such a wonderful birthday that 
started last Sunday at my family party!!

I got this adorable little Scottie dog dip tray!!

I got my favorite cake called Tangerine Dream! really is!!

My husband and I went to Ikea and had my favorite breakfast of Swedish pancakes, fruit and a cinnamon roll!

And I bought stuff to create myself a space just for sewing! See that in front of the iron?! I also got a serger! I just took it out of the box. Truth be told, I am a bit scared to try it out!

I ate some tiramisu, which was delicious!!

I found some cute scottie stuff at Home Goods! That is a cookie jar in the back that I am going to use for Jacque and Pippen's biscuits!

It was such a GREAT birthday! I'm so grateful to all my loving 
friends and family who sent me wonderful birthday wishes! 
Can't believe another year has gone by already!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just another Tuesday

I realize it's been a while since I posted pictures of those silly little doggies of mine! So here are Jacque and Pippen from tonight. We are being pretty lazy and just laying around! It's good to be us!!

 Jacque in his lazy boy

Pippen trying to figure out if I really
                      have something in my hand!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I want S'MORE!!!

Aside from knitting, sewing and general crafting....I also love to bake! If I could live off baked goods (well, I guess I should say if I could live healthily) I would be set! During one of my daily perusing of Pinterest , I found a recipe for S'more Cookies. Thanks to my beloved Portland Timbers, I have a nice supply of coupons to Papa Murphy's for free cookie dough. Tonight I decided to grab a Cowboy pizza and come cookie dough, then run to Safeway for all the yummy s'more fixings! Here is the result......

They are even more delicious than they look! If you can't really tell there are chocolate graham crackers under all that gooey chocolate chip and marshmallow topped with Hershey bar goodness!!! Mmmm....all this blogging about them....I think I'm going to go eat another!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Noodle-Head Sew Along Last Day!!

Last day! I was so busy finishing my skirt that I didn't take any pictures along the way!!

Here's a finished picture!  It's a bit big in the waist, I recut my pattern 2 sizes smaller and cut out another skirt! Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Noodle-Head Sew Along Day 4

Oh my! Can't believe it's day 4 already! It's going by so fast! Today was the dreaded zipper day! I thought maybe I would try an invisible zipper, but decided just to follow along and use a normal zipper I already have.

So I basted the seam where the zipper will go....

The pinned the zipper face down onto one edge of the seam...

Then closed the zipper and pinned zipper down and basted in place.

Turn the skirt right side out and sew around the zipper, about 1/4 inch from the seam, pivoting at the bottom sewing across the zipper then back up the other side!

Pick out the basting stitches and you'll have a nice little zipper!


Some random pictures of Jacque and Pippen now. They haven't been in a post in a while and, darn it, that's just not right!!



Jacque again!

Rescue Me Week - Brownie


Here we area again with another doggie who needs a home to introduce! This is Brownie!

                                                Brownie: Chihuahua, Dog; Portland, OR

He's super cute and just a wee 16 lbs!! Looks like he could be a lot of fun!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Noodle-Head Sew Along Day 3

Day 3!! I'm getting so excited! The skirt is coming along and I'm so excited to finish it so I can wear it!

I folded, pressed and sewed the belt loop ties.

The interfaced waistband pieces got sewn together and the seams pressed open. Lots of work for my iron!

Belt loop ties were pinned in place.....

....then the right sides of the waistband was pinned to the right side of the gathered skirt. Remember to match your seams and use lots of pins! I only had one rogue gather that I needed to pick out and correct.

YEA!! It is looking like a skirt for sure now! Stay tuned.....tomorrow is the zipper!!

Rescue Me Week - Dallas

I've been so impressed seeing everyone's posts for Mayzie's Rescue Me week that I decided that I will post daily for the entire week! We missed Monday, but that's ok!

This time I thought I'd search the Oregon Humane Society. I didn't find any Scotties (that's good!), but there are so many other lovely and beautiful dogs that deserve a forever home! Today I'd like to introduce everyone to Dallas!

Isn't he cute with that little bow on his head! His profile even includes a fun video of him! He's been there since August, so please! Lets try and find him a home!