Sunday, July 20, 2014

Toys from!!!

Oh! We are super excited! has started sending us toys! Not that Jacque and Pippen don't enjoy the treats, but it's fun to get to try out toys and other items! We haven't posted about last month's product, carpet cleaner, because we haven't really had to use it - I hope I don't jinx myself! We did use it once, so maybe I'll get around to posting about that.....

Back to this fabulous toy! Of course it was sent to us by and Jacque LOVES it! It's a Planet Dog orbee-tuff glow for good 3 inch ball. You can find it here

Jacque loves fetching and just knocking balls around to himself. It's pretty funny, actually! He paws at it and kicks it and then chases after it! If only he would entertain himself more! Pippen is not about fetch or really that interested in many toys. She likes to jump on Jacque when he is chasing after balls! What an annoying little sister, huh??!! 

Jacque is getting a bit older now....he was 10 in April. He can't quite see as well as he used to, so his favorite ball up until this point is one that is bright orange (and slightly smaller). I think he prefers the orange one over the blue or red one because he can see it better. This Planet Dog ball is bigger and also glows in the dark and seems very bright even inside and Jacque didn't seem to have any problem seeing it. Jacque also has had a history of destroying toys! I know, I know. What?! A Scottie that destroyed a toy?! This ball seems like it is great quality and it's sturdy and won't get torn apart easily. Jacque likes to try to bit apart the other balls he has (he can't, we got smart after a couple tennis balls!) but he didn't even really try with this one! It's also a bit bigger which I think will help with that too! 

Ok, check out some pictures of a very happy Mr Jacque and have a great day! 

It's for ME!!!!! Hurry up and just give it to ME!!!

Maybe I will just jump up and take it?? No, I'm way too good of a boy for that! 

Here's the tag! This ball is awesome!

All worn out from playing! 

Little Miss Pippen