Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Man, I have been slacking on sharing our treats from!! We've had some yummy ones lately too!

The Cinna-Bone treats from Solid Gold were really yummy! They smell so good and, I don't think you can see, but there are actual bay leaves left in the bag! Jacque and Pippen really loved these. They were a nice size to break in half and share.

Those Nutro Crunchy treats are banana flavored!! Jacque LOVES bananas! Pretty funny. I discovered it about a year or so after we adopted him when I was reading through his papers again. I immediately thought...really? That seems weird! So I went to the kitchen, got a banana and sure enough he freaked out! Loves them! Pippen eats a little bit, but I think just because she doesn't want to let Jacque get something she doesn't! Anyway, back to the treats! They are really yummy and shaped like little hearts. Too small for a bedtime biscuit, but perfect as a little reward for being cute and adorable! These smell delicious too! Seriously. Sometimes I'm tempted to take a little nibble just to see.....