Monday, February 17, 2014

Mr. Chewy time again!

Yea! Mr. Chewy again very generously offered Jacque and Pippen the opportunity to test 
a treat new to them! They love treats and they love mail!!

After I wrestled the box far enough away from them to safely use scissors to open it we found inside an adorable box of treats! I love packaging! 

Seriously?? How awesome is that packaging? Love the color and the font and everything! I wish you could see it. Totally awesome. Anyway, back to the treats and the doggies!

These treats are chicken pot pie flavored treats by Good Dog. See that right at the 
bottom of the back picture? Made in Minnesota! Yes! I always look for treats 
and other dog products Made in the USA. We may not be perfect, but I trust our system much more than that of other countries (Canada being the exception).

The chicken pot pie treats are wheat and grain free and the most adorable little bone shapes! They seriously smell delicious, just like chicken pot pie! I did not eat one...but I took a nice long whiff!

YUM!! Order them from Mr. Chewy!! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Noodlehead Divided Basket Pattern

On a whim I've decided to blog a bit about a sewing project I finished today! It was super quick and fairly simple. I'm a pretty experienced sewer, so keep that in mind. I've been snowed in for the last couple days and finally really sitting down to actually make something!

The pattern is the Divided Basket Pattern by Noodlehead. This is maybe the 4th Noodlehead pattern I have? Anyway, I have many of them and I love them all! The instructions are always very well written and easy to follow. There are great pictures and she also has good information about construction on her blog. I think I've even emailed (probably through a comment on her blog) a question and gotten an answer back! Check it out below.....

The fabric is by Robert Kaufman and it's called Fly Away. I won it a few years ago from Southern Fabric. This project seemed like a great time to actually cut into this little 1/2 yard stack! For being such a good size this divided basket really didn't take up that much fabric. I cut out the pattern, fabric, interfacing, fusible fleece and assembled this little basket in about 2.5 hours (approx. I am measuring time as in 10 mins of This American Life podcast, the latest Men In Blazers podcast and about 30 mins of Pop Culture Happy Hour for the sewing part).

If you're in the market for a pattern like this I highly recommend this one! It'd be great for filling with awesome items as part of a gift or for keeping patterns in - which is what I am going to do!